Many small or medium sized businesses cannot afford to employ a  full time financial manager,  therefore ERH Accountants offers to analyse the financial information of our clients’ businesses in order for them to track both their profitable and loss making products/services in order to make important business decisions.

With our technical knowledge and experience, we also offer assistance in complex accounting and financial reporting using International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

These are some of the specialised services we offer:

  • Financial modeling
  • Key performance indicators or metrics analysis
  • Trend and variance analysis (actual performance vs budgeted or forecasted performance)
  • Margin and revenue/cost analysis
  • Working capital and  cash flow management
  • Monthly management pack preparation
  • Board pack preparation
  • Annual budget preparation
  • Quarterly forecast preparation
  • Preparation of annual financial statements in accordance with IFRS for SMEs
  • Compilations or independent reviews